Hello From Double Whiskey DX

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Hello From Double Whiskey DX

Post  Greg-26-WW-001 on Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:13 pm

Hello and welcome to My forum for the Hobby radio users.

If you have wondered past and found the place deserted them please bookmark the site and check back soon as this page is still under early construction.

It is My hope to build an active and friendly refuge for the radio hobbist, and welcome anyone wishing to contibute and share their radio experiences.

when finished the site will hopfully incorparate a Shout Box feature to allow forum mebers to relax and have a chat about there favorite subjects. But for now if you just want to say Hi then please feel free to post a message.

Thanks for dropping by, please visit again soon and check out the impovments.



Post Script......

Okay folks, update time..

the Forum is now starting to take some shape. As with every forum the Input from members is invaluable, so if you have somthing relivent to add to any of the catagories and forums then please feel free to contibute.
Remeber, no matter how big or small your contibution, for the person looking for answers, it could well save time, money and asprin lol!

If you notice any error's or have any sugestion for the site them please contact either Myself of My fellow Admin 'Victor Laszlo' and we will endevour to put it right... scratch

Best wishes all


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