My Humble Shack

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My Humble Shack

Post  Greg-26-WW-001 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:04 am

Hi All,
I re-started my radio shack after a break of many years but I like to think I Now have a set up that gets me heard.
Firstly i have a very nice looking Superstar 3900 nightwatch edition, you can see this on my Pic down at the end of the screen over there >>>>
To give the superstar a bit of punch on SSB its coupled to a Zatagi B150, these for all there hype will not deliver 200w SSB and in reality closer to @150w, but when the the conditions are up plenty to get a signal bouncing around. lastly to complement this radio i have a KPO NM 531 power mike, cheep as chips these things and probably the best buget power mike around in my humble opinion.
All this is then fed into my A99, Not the best of twigs, not the worst of twigs, although i'm sure that a debate that will rage long into the night. I put the A99 up to replace a 5/8 wave silver rod, as i wassnt too sure how the cheep ally silver rod would hold up under coastal weather, and after the winds we have had, i'm glad i did. All thats said the back end of the E prop season of 2010 produced some wonderful QSO's.. all in all a nice set-up...
..However it's now consigned to being the dedicated mobile rig, as the shack now boasts an Icom IC-735 .. not a new radio by any sence of the word but everything a growing boy needs all in 1 box, I look forward to ptting that through it paces this comming E prop season and beyond...

More to follow.... I have no


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