Rules ,Regs and other annoying stuff.

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Rules ,Regs and other annoying stuff.

Post  Greg-26-WW-001 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:35 am

Well there aren't many rules....besides the insistence that you keep it a bit civil and use your "noodle"! scratch
We aren't very politically correct, some even have called us "impolite" in the past (cheeky sods!)but we are
really "sweet natured"... Twisted Evil
So keep it a bit within reason, don't break too many laws and don't go all "swearing and a cursin' " when a fellow member disagrees with you. Evil or Very Mad

That being said : it is a radio forum, so posts should be related to "radio stuff".
We mean that in the broadest possible sense : a discussion of a new type of welding rod is "radio" too...especially since you might have used it
on your home-brew antenna mast!
So is a post on Yanmar air-cooled diesels, if your field day generator happens to use one of these...
You get the idea...

If you are posting about Laws pertaining to radio use in your country, for sanities sake, check and double check your facts!
You might vehemently disagree with the newest bit of legislation, but then tell us "why"...rather then spitting "fire and brimstone".

When using the chat-box these suggestions apply as well, but we all know how fast one can get off-topic.
So, don't worry about it. The idea is to provide a means of "putting the (radio) world to rights" and it isn't without precedent that
a debate about the qualities of the latest Yeasu ends with a discussion on the pros and cons of the metric system! lol!

The long and the short of it is ; please use some common "horse sense"!

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